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Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS) announces updates to two of their testing options, MDHeartPro, a panel that detects cardiovascular disease early by looking into more advanced biomarkers, and MDGeneticPro GI, which identifies several disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and/or parasites to diagnose an infection of the digestive system.

MDHeartPro Updates

New data from the American Heart Association shows a record number of cardiovascular deaths occurred during the first year of the pandemic. At least 928,741 Americans died from cardiovascular disease-related causes in 2020. That represents the single largest one-year increase since 2015. After learning of this alarming report and in accordance with American Heart Month, Premier Medical’s leading team of scientists got together to enhance our current heart panel offerings. The updated MDHeartPro now gives doctors a look into:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Inflammation Profile
  • Advanced Risk Markers (Lp(a) “Widow-maker, sd-LDL, and Apo B)
  • Vitamin D (Key to statin intolerance)
  • Homocysteine
  • Apo E Genetic Test (Predicts patient response to drugs, diet & exercise)

Premier Medical is dedicated to providing doctors the ability to dive deeper into their patients’ cardiac health. The updates made to the testing gives them better risk analysis, help rule out secondary causes of hyperlipidemia, identifies insulin resistance, and gives personalized treatment plans for managing cardiovascular disease.

MDGeneticPro GI Updates

As digestive health continues to be an ongoing concern across the U.S., Premier Medical team saw a need for fast and accurate testing in diagnosing an infection in the gastrointestinal system. MDGeneticPro GI is a molecular test that offers many advantages to stool culture. The GI panel streamlines the diagnostic process by covering several pathogens in a single assay with excellent sensitivity and specificity. Results are generated much faster than traditional culture techniques, allowing doctors to get patients on the right treatment — or off the wrong treatment — in hours rather than days. Overall, MDGeneticPro GI offers more accurate results in a much shorter time frame for optimal patient care.