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Return to normalcy with information and confidence in your immunity

While it’s impossible to ensure every encounter we have is infection-free from COVID-19, the AditxtScore™ monitoring service can empower individuals to know their immune response to the virus or vaccine. Gain a better understanding of immune health on a personal level with AditxtScore™ testing today.

Personalized Care.
Reliable Results.

Antigen testing by PCR is a viable approach for determining infection status of COVID-19. However, as the pandemic continues to evolve, a comprehensive monitoring program is needed for individuals to assess their personal immune response and related risk if exposed.

AditxtScore™ results provide answers to the following questions:

        • Do I have antibodies present?
        • Are my antibodies present as a result of a vaccination or from a natural immune response?
        • Is my immune response likely to provide protection against future infection?
        • What are possible ways to minimize my risk of a future infection?

Do you know?

AditxtScore™ provides meaningful information to help evaluate one’s personal
immune response to COVID-19. Through advanced technologies, AditxtScore™ can assess
multiple antibody types against multiple SARS-Cov-2 antigens with speed and accuracy.
Individuals can know if prior infection or vaccination has generated the anticipated immune response.

How is AditxtScore™ Different
from Other Antibody Tests?

Antibody tests can vary from one to another. AditxtScore™ provides a comprehensive profile with 10 measures for a more complete picture of an individual’s immune response to the virus and/or vaccine.

Benefits to Employers:

Save time and money due to less frequent COVID testing
Minimize lost time and wages for employees with less frequent quarantines
Keep employees safer by identifying
those employees most at risk
Help employees make data-driven decisions on the timing of vaccines and boosters
Potentially assist with vaccine hesitancy

The AditxtScore™ Value for Individuals

Assesses multiple antibody
types against multiple SARS-CoV-2 antigens with speed and accuracy.
Detects levels of neutralizing antibodies. Neutralizing antibodies block the path that SARS-CoV-2 uses to enter the cells. They have been used as an indicator of effective-ness of antibodies to prevent the virus from infecting our cells.
Utilizes a proprietary algorithm
to analyze and translate clinical
data into meaningful information
for individuals.
Samples processed at Aditxt’s
high complexity, CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited AditxtScore™ Center, led by lab scientists trained at prestigious institutions such as Mayo Clinic and Stanford University.
Allows individuals to know if prior infection or vaccination has generated the anticipated immune response.


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