Getting Parental Consent

Covid-19 Testing permission from parents and guardians using two different methods

Schools can use two methods to gain consent from a parent: a physical copy or a google form. Both options are available below. Schools using the form method can immediately process the consent form and get the student tested. Physical copies can be printed out and placed into student bookbags.

Why do I need to submit a consent form?

Many school programs require permission from a parent or guardian.  In order to keep our children, faculty, and staff safe, schools are providing free COVID-19 testing.  It is important to get consent from anyone receiving the testing because results and follow-up tests will need to be reported to public health officials.   We will need to get everyone’s consent upfront, including educators, staff, and all students.  There are three options for consent:  Paper form, Google Drive Form, and Electronic submission.

Three Options for Consent