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Discover, Control & Prevent diabetic risk.

How does MDDiabeticPro differ from other diabetes tests?

PMLS offers a variety of biomarkers on our diabetes test panel. Besides running a normal A1C test, PMLS goes further and tests a patient’s Fasting Glucose, GlycoMark, Adiponectin, Leptin, HOMA-IR, Insulin, and C-peptide, but we don’t stop there. To give patient’s a look at the bigger picture, we also run a Comorbidity Assessment of Cardiovascular and Renal biomarkers, as well as a Genetic Predisposition test called DIABETESpredict™.  With DIABETESpredict™, doctors can help their patients know their risk for type 2 diabetes earlier.

MdDiabeticPro is also specifically designed to help Type 1 diabetes patients with the management of the disease. This test can be used for monitoring individuals who are pre-disposed to insulin resistance. The results of the test equip physicians with the information needed to fine tune nutrition and exercise plans, helping a T1D patient to make the use of insulin most effective.

    Know your risk with DIABETESPredict™

    DIABETESpredict™ is a genotyping tool for type 2 diabetes risk assessment. It analyzes the main genetic variants associated with T2D, taking into account multi-ethnic associations. DIABETESpredict™ identifies high risk individuals and gives them additional information to implement lifestyle changes. Early identification of type 2 diabetes enables prevention and with DIABETESpredict™ doctors are empowered to help their patients further.

      More than
      500 Million worldwide suffer
      type-2 diabetes.
      In 2018,
      34.2 Million Americans, or 10.5% of the population, had diabetes.

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