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Identify Allergy Triggers, Optimize Treatment, & Improve Quality of Life with MDAllergyPro

MDAllergyPro is a simple allergen-specific IgE blood test used to confirm an allergy diagnosis. This form of blood testing helps assess suspected causes of symptoms, aid in allergic/nonallergic patient management, and alter the progression of allergic disease. MDAllergyPro offers allergy panels based on region, environments, trees, grasses, weeds, and common groupings of food.

A convenient and less invasive allergy test

MDAllergyPro is done with a simple blood draw, making it more convenient and less invasive for the patient. With MDAllergyPro, providers can appropriately manage their patient’s allergy symptoms, optimize patient outcomes, improve quality of life without the pain and discomfort of a traditional allergy test. 

Do you know?

65% of patients taking nonsedating antihistamines were found to be nonallergic via IgE blood testing.
Prevelance of allergic rhinitis is estimated to range from as low as 9% to more than 40%.


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