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Predictive Genetic Test for Type 2 Diabetes Now Being Implemented in COVID-19 Patient Care­­ Protocols

~DIABETESpredict® evaluates type 2 diabetes risk as studies indicate a correlation between diabetes and COVID-19 severity~

GREENVILLE, SC January 19, 2021  – DIABETESpredict®, a first of its kind predictive genetic test for type 2 diabetes, is now being administered to help improve patient outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study on the bidirectional relationship of type 2 diabetes and COVID-19, patients with type 2 diabetes are predisposed to adverse clinical outcomes from the COVID-19 virus. In addition, many COVID-19 patients are found to develop new onset diabetes after infection (1). DIABETESpredict® proactively determines a patient’s type 2 diabetes genetic risk. It then provides physicians with individualized lifestyle and diet recommendations for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, helping to reduce the probability of severe infection by COVID-19 or post infection disease onset.  

A leading molecular diagnostics laboratory, Premier Medical Laboratory Services, recently introduced the DIABETESpredict® test to the US as the first ever predictive genetic test for type 2 diabetes. Originally introduced in Europe and in Mexico, this test was developed by the European company, Patia in collaboration with world leading doctors and scientists of Harvard and MIT. The test is a disruptive innovation for the advancement of diabetes prevention and care which has become increasingly more valuable for patient management due to the complex pathophysiology of COVID-19 and diabetes (2).

“No two patients are the same, that’s why, after rigorous analysis, we offer customized lifestyle recommendations to make DIABETESpredict® as effective as possible for each unique person,” states Dr. Mirella Zulueta, medical director at Patia. “Patia has analyzed in detail the results of the largest scientific studies and meta-analyses of the human genome in diabetics. Altogether such studies collected information from more than 110,000 diabetic and non-diabetic people to identify the genetic variants most associated with type 2 diabetes. We are now finding a second use for the DIABETESpredict test in providing vital information for healthcare professionals to help lessen the impact of COVID-19 in relation to diabetes.”

The mortality rate in COVID-19 patients with diabetic hyperglycemia is found to be seven times higher than patients with no diabetes and no hyperglycemia (3). Having the ability to know sooner than ever before who is at risk for diabetes paired with access to lifestyle plans specifically made for individual patients based on their individual genetic profiles could hold a profound impact on the world’s overall health.

DIABETESpredict® and COVID-19 recommendations:

  • Determine risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • If risk probability is medium/high monitor for fasting glycemia, acute hyperglycemia, and inflammation
  • Implement customized DIABETESpredict® treatment recommendations for improved patient outcomes

DIABETESpredict® is available in the US through Premier Medical Laboratory Services. Family practitioners are encouraged to add this to their bloodwork during routine physicals as well as COVID-19 patient treatment to utilize the life changing knowledge that DIABETESpredict® provides. 

Call 1.877.335.2455 or contact for more information on how you can offer your patients the groundbreaking DIABETESpredict® test.



1.     New-Onset Diabetes in Covid-19. The New England Journal of Medicine, 2020

2.     Covid-19 and Diabetes: A Complex Bidirectional Relationship. Frontiers in Endrocrinology, 2020

New All In One COVID-19 Test Can Additionally Detect Influenza A and Influenza B Strands

~Just in Time for The Worst of Flu Season and Second Wave of Coronavirus~

GREENVILLE, SC Jan. 6 – Along with temperatures dropping and COVID-19 cases resurging, this 2020 fall and winter also ushers in flu season, heightening the chances that a patient may be infected not only with strands of the flu or COVID-19, but could be experiencing a coinfection of both. Now, Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), a leading molecular diagnostics laboratory, is offering a test that can detect or rule out SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Influenza A, and Influenza B along with RSV with a single nasal swab to help fight the possibility of what some have called, a “twindemic.”

“Many of the symptoms of COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B, and RSV are the similar since they are all respiratory viruses,” said Kevin Murdock Founder of Premier Medical Laboratory Services. “We know the last thing a patient wants, who already doesn’t feel well, is to have to provide multiple samples and to wait for various test results to come back. We always strive not only to provide the most accurate, cutting edge diagnostic testing, but also to keep the quality of the patient experience in mind.”

With the recent increase in coronavirus cases, the CDC’s latest forecast predicts that up to 2,300,000 new cases will be reported by the week ending in December 12, 2020. PMLS has prepared for this new surge in cases and is now a leading laboratory in the nation for COVID-19 testing with the capacity to process up to 300,000 tests per day. As an award winning lab, they have some of the quickest result turnaround times available, with 92% of their test results provided in under 24 hours.

“Timing is an extremely important element in regaining control over this pandemic,” said Murdock. “The ability to test patients simultaneously for each of these respiratory viruses will help to save time for healthcare professionals so that they’ll know as soon as possible the proper plan to aid their patients back to health. Knowing sooner which courses of action to take could be critical for a patient and for our nation as a whole during this winter.”

A patient can request from their healthcare provider that PMLS’ multiplex test is available at their hospital or doctor’s office.

98,000 masks donated to Greenville Police Department by Premier Medical Laboratory Services

Today, Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), a nation-leading molecular diagnostics lab headquartered in Greenville donated a total of 98,000 KN95 and 3-ply masks to the Greenville Police Department so that they can more safely protect and serve the Greenville, SC community. With the continued rise in cases, Premier wanted to donate these masks as a means of helping to keep the police force safe and to say thank you for all that they do. 

PMLS has become a top laboratory for COVID-19 testing alongside their other award-winning molecular diagnostics services from Pharmacogenomics, Advanced Cardiovascular Testing, Allergen-Specific Ige Blood testing, and Women’s Health and Wellness Panel to a revolutionary genetic test for diabetes.

Along with their testing capacity to run up to 300,000 COVID-19 tests per day, their team of Ph.D. scientists and laboratory professionals have also conducted vital research to make COVID-19 testing easier, more accurate, and more widely available to the public. Premier and its sister companies, Vessel Medical, CPT Medical, and OnGen have provided solutions for data management and supply chain gaps in personal protective equipment and testing supplies since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Alongside their molecular diagnostics services that they provide to the nation at-large, PMLS is continually striving to provide localized solutions for their community in which they are headquartered – Greenville, SC. Their large contribution of masks donated to the Greenville Police Department and their drive-thru located at 6000 Pelham Road in Greenville, SC are two initiatives that PMLS has put in place to provide COVID-19 safety.