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Premier Medical Laboratory Services Introduces Revolutionary Virtual Lab

~Allowing COVID-19 Testing Facilities to Drastically Increase Testing Capacity in a Matter of Days~

Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), an award winning molecular diagnostics laboratory, introduces Virtual Lab, an innovative COVID-19 testing solution to overcome laboratory infrastructure restrictions. As many laboratories face an insurmountable influx of testing demands, Virtual Lab allows these facilities to vastly increase their testing capacity and efficiency while bypassing the need to purchase new equipment or endure waiting time of weeks or more for shipping, installation, and validation. Testing facilities can now rent PMLS’ fully-automated robotic workflow and team of 360 employees, including Ph.D. scientists, working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. While utilizing PMLS’ testing capacity of 300,000 tests per day, 92% of testing results are provided in under 24 hours with Virtual Lab.

“Since COVID-19 became a threat to our nation, we quickly streamlined our workflow, hired employees, validated various coronavirus assays, and purchased the equipment needed to test a large volume of specimens with the highest quality standards,” said Kevin Murdock founder of Premier Medical Laboratory Services. “Our goal as a laboratory with one of the highest testing capacities in the nation is to do our part to help keep the country open. Virtual Lab is one of ways that we can help other labs provide more critical testing without their having to take the time consuming measures we already have since the beginning of this pandemic.” 

Virtual Lab comes with five different collection devices for the accessioning of various specimen types, including saliva samples, to fit any facility’s testing needs. Using a proprietary laboratory information system (LIS) with modules that automate quality control, scheduling, testing and billing, Virtual Lab reduces result interpretation time. The LIS integrates seamlessly with any electronic medical record system (EMR) that hospitals and physicians’ offices currently use and is fully HIPAA compliant. Also with Virtual Lab comes a secure online portal to make results easily accessible and to provide statistical reports for data analysis. 

Premier Medical Laboratory Services invites all laboratories to use Virtual Lab to quickly and efficiently provide expanded testing capacity with reduced turnaround time of results. 

Virtual Lab Includes a Gold Standard SARS-CoV-2 Test

  • Limit of detection (LoD) meets the standard level of sensitivity for SARS-CoV-2 testing with a false positive rate of occurrence <1% as determined by a third party validation
    • LoD 40 copies/uL
  • Third party validation studies determined that the specificity of our assay exceeds the requirement of at least 95%
    • >98% Specificity 
  • The accuracy of our assay exceeds the requirement of at least 95% concordance as determined through a third party correlation study
    • >97% Accuracy

For more information or to begin providing expanded testing capacity with Virtual Lab today, visit or contact

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Labs Like Premier Medical Laboratory Services Now Seeing Increased Demand for Various Molecular Diagnostic Tests

~As social distancing measures have decreased, demand for medical tests other than COVID-19 increase~

GREENVILLE, SC September 23, 2020  – At the onset of the pandemic the nation began to practice social distancing, and subsequently, many stopped scheduling visits with their doctors. Laboratories like Premier Medical Laboratory Services suddenly pivoted much of their efforts into providing a high volume of testing for COVID-19. Now, as more businesses and schools have reopened, less of the population has continued to practice extreme social distancing measures. Accordingly, more patients are visiting their physicians’ offices again for routine check-ups and other healthcare needs other than the Coronavirus.

With this, PMLS, recently named one of the Top Genetic Diagnostic Companies of 2020, says that they are beginning to see a rise in demand for tests that they offer to address various medical diagnostic needs aside from COVID-19. Some of these tests included are their pharmacogenomics, advanced cardiovascular testing, and their women’s health & wellness and diabetes panels.

“We are continuing to process up to 50,000 COVID-19 tests per day, but are glad to see an increase in orders for the other tests we provide,” said Kevin Murdock founder of Premier Medical Laboratory Services. “We know that our tests offer vital insight to physicians so that they can best plan the proper care for their patients.”

Including their portfolio of COVID-19 assays, all of PMLS’ tests processed at their 40,000 sqft laboratory are performed with the latest in science and technology to provide the most advanced and comprehensive testing results. For example, PMLS’s MDDiabeticPro panel includes the revolutionary DIABETESpredict test, which is a first of its kind predictive genetic test for type 2 diabetes developed in collaboration with world leading doctors and scientists of Harvard and MIT. The DIABETESpredict test is expected to mark a new era in diabetes prevention and care through evaluating the risk of the disease onset by examining individual genetic profiles and is currently only available to the US through PMLS.

PMLS’s cardiovascular panel, MDHeartPro, offers a more complete look at a patient’s cardiovascular health than the standard lipid profile that is commonly ordered.  In addition to the standard lipid panel, MDHeartPro includes tests that identify plaque buildup, lipid particle size, hereditary factors, and other advanced risk factors.

At PMLS’s fully COLA and CLIA regulated laboratory many of their processes are automated with cutting-edge laboratory equipment. Using a cloud based-laboratory information management system, OnGen, PMLS communicates real-time results to physicians directly from their lab equipment. Because of this, PMLS is able to process hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests per month while increasing the testing capacity for their other molecular diagnostic offerings without compromising accuracy or their quick turnaround time of results.

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