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Drug screening laboratories have been certified by human health department so as to receive urine specimen so as to determine presence of drugs. Additionally, the laboratories conduct validity tests of the specimens so as to be sure they have not been substituted or adulterated. You need to note that it is only those laboratories that have been certified by Health and Human services can participate in the program of DOT drug testing.


As a laboratory participating n the DOT testing, you need to comply with the requirements that have been set. It is important that your lab be familiar with requirements in 49 CFR part 40 and you need to pay attention to processing incoming specimens.

You must do the following when you receive the specimen for DOT drug testing;
You should first receive one copy of the CCF and not more than that
HHS has guidelines that you then comply to when accessioning as well as processing the urine specimen
Inspect the specimen and CCF for flaws such as;
ID in CCF and specimen bottle do not match
Seal of the specimen bottle is broken or has been tampered with
Collectors signature and name are omitted from CCF
The urine in the bottle is not sufficient for analysis
When the specimen meets the required criteria, the findings that you get should be documented and stop the tests.
Once done report your findings
Drug tested

The drug screening laboratories test for following classes of drugs;

Opiate Metabolites
Cocaine metabolites
Marijuana metabolites
The DOT specimens should not be tested for any other drugs other than these that have been mentioned above.

Cut off concentration for the drug test

This are usually indicated in nanograms per milliliter ( ng/mL) and you need to adhere to them as a drug screening laboratory.

Validity test

This is the evaluation of specimen so as to identify if it is consistent to what is considered normal human urine. This will help you determine if foreign substances or adulterants have been added to the urine sample, diluted or it has been substituted.

As a drug screening laboratory you need to conduct validity tests on the primary specimens. These tests include;

Determination of the creatinine concentration
Conducting tests of one or several for the oxidizing adulterants
If you observe the following abnormalities you need to conduct more tests;

Physical characteristics of the primary specimen are abnormal
Response characteristic or reaction of adulterants that you obtained in the initial test
If there are adulterants or other substances interfering with the results and have not been identified
If you find that your specimen is invalid in relation to the guidelines under HHS
Criteria used to establish if a specimen is substituted or diluted

You can determine this as a drug screening laboratory when;

Creatinine concentration is more than or equal to 2mg/dL but is not more than 20mg/dL
Gravity of specimen is greater than 1.000 and less than 1.0030 in single aliquot
This must hold true for both the initial and confirmatory tests that you conduct on the primary specimen.

When you are through with the test, you will report the result you get for all the primary specimens. The results fall in two categories;

Negative results

Negative – dilute with specific gravity and creatinine specific numerical value
Non negative results

Positive with drug metabolite noted and values of the same
Substituted with confirming tests of specific gravity and creatinine specific numerical value
Adulterated with remarks
Invalid results – report the actual pH levels.

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