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It can be difficult to find an opiate screening lab in South Carolina.  First and foremost, labs aren’t always listed with a single characteristic as their defining feature.  Most opiate screening lab options will come coupled with a number of other screening solutions; such as marijuana screening, or methamphetamine screening.  Most drug labs cater to a variety of different substance testing needs, so you’re not very likely to find a lab that just jumps right out and yells: “Opiate screening here!”

What you’re going to look for is a drug test laboratory that has good reputation and features the kind of services it should.  For example, in the modern era a good drug testing lab should offer an online portal to make requisitions for testing wherever there’s access to the internet.  Most such services also allow the client to view results on the web as well.  Also, an opiate screening lab option is necessarily going to be more specific than most lab screening options, so a professional lab will offer multiple protocols in order to accede to the needs of multiple markets.  Protocols worthy of the public will have been designed by experts in the industry in order that the entirety of the drug testing cycle is represented; this includes what manner in which specimens are collected, what kinds of tests are run on the specimens, and just how reports are formatted.  Such customizable protocols are par for the course at a good drug test lab, and what the client looking for a professional opiate screening lab should be watching for.

Immunoassay and LC/MS/MS technology is something professional labs are known for.  Look for provision of definitive analysis on a large variety of abused substances, and a report whose format is easy to read.  Also, ensure that the opiate screening lab you’ve chosen confirms the validity of its specimens.

One lab that has a deep passion for the work they perform and complete cognizance of its importance to clients and society in general is Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS) of Greenville South Carolina.  With years’ experience in multiple kinds of substance screening, PMLS offers results that are fast and accurate, protocols that are fully customizable, and internet options for placing screening orders.

Finally, PMLS uses some of the most cutting-edge technology available in opiate screening labs.  MD Drug Pro is a drug monitoring program that is fully comprehensive and features testing capabilities that are superior and personalized.  Highly trained and experienced staff provide accurate and diagnostically meaningful tests that are consistent.  In fact, PMLS has through exceptional service and application found ways to add revenue to your practice that is substantial in measure.  Furthermore, medical compliance can be more responsibly monitored.

There are many different drug test lab options in South Carolina, but the best ones have the features emphasized in the precedent paragraphs.  Contact PMLS to save time and money, to customize complicated reports quantified through cutting edge technology, and to increase the safety of your premises.  For opiate screening lab options, PMLS is certainly one of the best.  Let their experienced and personable staff make your screening experience pleasant and less complicated, fully customized to your particular needs.

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