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When it comes time for you to choose a urine testing lab partner, always make sure that the relationship will be the right one for your needs.

The lab that you choose should always stay within industry standards, and maintain the top quality dependable testing methodologies for accuracy of results. Dependable test methodologies are the reason why lab urine tests has survived the test of time, scientific dependability, and credibility throughout various fields and industries. So in order to meet the needs of your industry make sure that your urine testing lab partners have a broad testing menu that can detect a broad range of drugs. This list of drugs should include illicit substances and prescription drugs.

You should also find a partner that has specialized panels for your industry. For example, medical professionals should have a special panel that tests for drugs that are widely available to medical professionals, such as the various prescription drugs. If you are in the sports industry, you may also find it helpful to have access to a urine testing lab partner that can provide testing for a steroid panel to detect steroids and other performance enhancers.

Your choice of a lab partner should include on that has the right laboratory expertise for your needs. Urine testing lab partners should have certifications, and be accredited. If urine testing is the only thing you will conduct, then having a partner with SAMHSA certification will be ideal. If you plan to test hair, saliva, and urine, then CAP-FDT certification will be the right option for your needs. So you should choose an accredited partner with fast and reliable results.

Your urine testing lab partner should provide fast turnaround for your samples, so you can make faster business decisions and get to the desired outcomes for your organization. Having the right people on board can make or break the organization so picking up the right candidate before your competitor does can mean the difference between success and failure. The right lab partner will help you make the right decisions and drive the company success factors with efficiency. However, be careful when choosing a partner based on speed because speed is not a substitute for accuracy and dependability of results outcomes.

To speed up the testing process, a good urine testing lab partner will conduct a special two-tiered process for testing samples. Half of the specimen is tested in a way to differentiate quickly between the negative samples, and those that will need detailed testing. The samples that need further detailed testing take longer to confirm, but you will know who the negative samples are within a 24 hour period because this is what can be quickly differentiated. The negative samples are the ones you need to know about faster so that you can make those hiring decisions, so detailed testing on the samples that may have detected some form of substance are not the top priority when you want to make quick business decisions in HR.

Your urine testing lab partner should not be a vendor to your organization because they should be a trusted friend. When you find a lab that works closely with your specific needs, your business will flourish. Your company needs the support of a good lab that supports the organizational goals with the knowledge and up to date information that develops in the urine testing world. Staying on top of laboratory trends is important to staying competitive as a lab and keeping businesses competitive with a leading edge in hiring clean employees and terminating the intoxicated ones. Let’s work for clean environments.

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