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Drugs that you took yesterday or some weeks back are still in your system embedded in your blood, saliva, hair, sweat or urine. This is why different organization carry out drug test to find out if you test positive for the banned or controlled substances.

These organizations include;

•    Non-government schools for illicit drug use detection

•    Sporting bodies to detect the use of banned drugs in different competitions

•    Workplaces to detect use of illicit drugs

•    Police to detect if drivers have taken drugs or driving under the influence of alcohol

Drug test limitations

The drug tests can tell the exact amount of drugs that was used. They also do not measure the level of impairments except in breath testing for alcohol consumption. Positive drug tests must be confirmed by the accredited laboratories that are more accurate than the results from the point of collection. The point of collection testing results are timely. However, the labs can differentiate between the prescription and illicit drugs.

How long do drugs stay in the body?

People metabolize drugs differently, and the results from the tests are unique for each who is tested.  From this, you learn that two individuals can consume drugs at the same time and get a similar drug test but the results will be different.

Factors that influence the period stay in the body include;

•    Amount of drugs used

•    How the drug was used – injected, smoked or drunk, etc.

•    How often the drug is used

•    Drug tolerance

•    Age and gender

•    Drug strength

Types of drug test


The blood drug test is used to test for prescription and illicit drugs. The test can also be modified to detect specific substances in the blood. It can be used to confirm or instead of the breath test to detect alcohol in the system.

A blood sample is taken and tested in the lab. The test is used by sporting bodies, drug treatment centers, and the police. Detection after last use varies;

•    Amphetamines 4-8 hours

•    Cannabis 20 – 36 hours

•    Xanax 6 -20 hours

•    Cocaine 40 -90 minutes


This is used to test for prescription and illicit drugs though it can be modified to test for specific substances. A urine sample has to be provided that is tested on a dipstick. If it is positive, the sample is taken to the lab for further testing.

The test is used by sporting bodies, drug treatment centers, and the workplaces. Detection period differs;

•    Cannabis – 10 days for infrequent use and up to 30days for one who uses it frequently

•    Amphetamines 2-5 days

•    Opiates 2-4 days

•    Benzodiazepines 2weeks

•    Cocaine 2-3 days


This is used to test for benzodiazepines, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamines and cannabis. An absorbent collector is used, and workplaces and police make use of this drug test. Detection times will depend on your metabolism, amount used and potency.


Hair strands from the crown are sent to the laboratory and used to test for some prescription drugs as well as illicit drugs. Mainly used by justice settings and sporting bodies. Can be used for chronic use as detection times can date back as far as several months.

To pass drug tests, you need to be sure that the alcohol in your system has metabolized before you drive. Drug test kits can be bought from pharmacies or online, and you can purchase one to test your drug level or that of a loved one especially if you are a worried parent.

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