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Changing laws have moved many Schedule III opiates to a Schedule II drug. This makes the importance of test results more significant in accuracy. The potential strength and addiction of opiates has led to abuse by patients and recreational users, causing death in many cases. Making an error in samples or readings can have a powerful negative impact on a person’s life.

Customized Protocols and Screening

What worked yesterday does not mean that the same applies today. Combating drug overdose is a delicate matter when opiates were once the answer to pain management. Each medical facility has regulations for new policies and if you do not keep a clear understanding of the meaning, inaccurate results could be given. For example, screening samples for opiates that have been resting on a shelf for 48 hours, will create a different outcome in results. Not only are specific rules put into place for a reason, but recognizing and following protocol in a specific time period is also very important.

Monitoring RX Testing in Different Categories

Testing for panel components according to a physician’s orders has no place for confusion. An opiate screening lab must provide exact procedures for exact results. Evaluating the the panel component with or without a urine content of TCA is a factor that has to be considered. Careful communication with each medical client is needed. Putting your confidence in an opiate screening lab is the number one issue in selecting a designated laboratory service.

Availability and Quick Results

Waiting days on test results can put everyone’s life on hold. Selecting a lab with a HIPAA compliant website that offers real time delivery of specimen results, eliminates the drudgery of waiting on specific office hours and making connection with nurses, doctors and other health officials with results. At times, a random situation can turn critical, just in the amount of time to confirm a diagnosis.

There has been an 80% increase in opiate drug abuse since 1999. During this time period, theft and street marketing has also soared. Opiate abuse has now risen higher than marijuana and cocaine combined, in our society. Some health officials claim that there is an epidemic of controlled prescription drugs with hydrocodone being the leader of opiate-based pain killers. Federal and State guidelines recommend urine drug testing in making a concrete determination on drug use.

Because of the recommendations now in place, an opiate screening lab does not have any room for mistakes. The stakes have never been as high as they are today with accurate drug screening. Make sure that in checking for an opiate screening lab that they are certified through recognized laboratory organizations and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and COLA. Commitment, the latest medical technology, plus experienced staff are also features to look for in your search for a respected laboratory.


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