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Both opiates and opioids will have the same effects in the body since they have similar molecules. The difference between the two is that opiate ingredient molecules are natural while opioid ingredient molecules are manufactured chemically (chemical synthesis).  Opiate drug types are such as heroin opium, morphine and codeine.  Some Opioid drug types include Demerol, oxycodone, fentanyl and methadone. Simply put, opiate and opioid differences lie in the effects on the body than any actual difference between them. Therefore, when we talk about opioid effect, we are also referring to opiate effect. Opioids are prescribed to relieve pain in the body, when all other pain relieving attempts fail, nothing works better than opioids. Besides, the pain-relieving opioids have psychological effects that give the user some positive sensations pleasure and reward. The ”feel-good” symptom is the reason opioids and opiates are the most abused substances.

In U.S, the prevailing rate of opioid misuse in adults of age 18 and over and addiction is estimated at 37%. The gender difference reveals that the opiate drug misuse and addiction are twice as high in men than in women. For the legally prescribed opioids, the rate in women is higher than in men while, in the illegal opiates, the rate in men is higher. Men abuse heroin three times more than women.  Going by statistics, 22,000 overdose-related deaths were recorded in the year 1999-2014. According to statistics announced in the international day for overdose, 80% of oxycodone and hydrocodone produced all over the world each year is consumed by the US population.

The rising number of fatalities from heroin overdose opioids has forced the Federal Government and CDC to declare opiate heroin overdose, all opioids/opiates abuse as the nastiest drug epidemic in the United States. A paramount step in dealing with this epidemic is to conduct regular opiate tests. Opiate screening laboratory services are crucial to the overall health of our society.

Opiate Screening Laboratory Services in Schools, Hospitals and Workplaces.
Every employer wants a drug-free workplace. Employees who are addicted to drugs are less productive, change jobs frequently, often get late for work and may potentially harm others. It is the employer’s duty to adopt drug-free programs that include drug tests.  Opiate drug screening can be implemented in some ways such as random testing, pre-employment testing, suspicion testing, post-accident testing and follow-up testing. The company should contract a company that has experience in opiate screening laboratory services to facilitate the testing program.

Schools have not been left out either; substance abuse is a major challenge in schools. Opiate addiction is especially a major challenge since opioids are medically used for pain relieve making them the target substance for abuse.  Schools should contract reliable opiate screening laboratory services to conduct random testing and suspicion testing to identify students addicted to opiates and after that come up with effective ways of dealing with this.

Hospitals are another major institution that needs to have opiate screening laboratory services. If a patient walks into your medical office with symptoms that include but are not limited to Analgesia, sedation, respiratory depression and euphoria, you should have them take an opiate test. Since most symptoms of opiate addiction are similar to symptoms of other diseases, it’s only advisable that you screen your patients for opiate addicted as part of primary check-ups. If you operate a small clinic, and you don’t have an opiate screening laboratory, you can always contract an opiate screening laboratory services company.

Opiate screening plays a major role in the early detection of opioid misuse and addiction prevention; it helps

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