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There are many reasons to have a reputable urine screening laboratory that performs all of your company’s urine screenings and urinalysis. There are many benefits to having only one laboratory that provides services, instead of using different ones.

Having only one urine screening laboratory can help reduce paperwork, and also reduce errors commonly found in paperwork. Knowing someone who you can discuss results with is also a benefit that might not be available to you if you use the services of several different laboratories.

Because prescription drug abuse is more prevalent than street drug use is, it is extremely important to use a urine screening laboratory that screens for both legal drugs, that are often abused, and illegal drugs that are available on the street. Drugs that are legal with a prescription are still considered to be used illegally if taken by someone who does not have a prescription for that medication.

If an employee has an accident while working for your company, drug testing must be done as soon as possible afterward. The results can help protect your employee and your company in different situations. These can include legal protections, as well as stability in your insurance premiums

While the hospital or clinic staff that treats your employee for his or her injuries most likely will perform their own testing, knowing that you can also have your own testing done separately can help provide proof of your employee’s use, or lack of, both legal prescription and illegal street drugs. This is important because of workers compensation legislation requirements. If you do not file the proper forms so that your employee can receive benefits, he or she may file a legal suit. However, having your own drug test results from a urine screening laboratory can help protect you.

Another way having your own testing performed can protect your business is that you will have independent testing in case another employee decides to file suit for injuries received. If an employee was under the influence of drugs and causes an accident that injures another employee, being able to show that the employee at fault was not under the influence can help protect both of you.

An ongoing reason that you may find beneficial to have your own urine screening laboratory that performs random testing is that insurance premiums for insurance can be dramatically reduced when drug testing consistently shows that employees are not engaging in illegal drug use. An employee base that shows no drug abuse problems can often pay lower premiums than those who do not show this.

For those who do not have their own business or company, this information also applies to others who may run shelters for individuals who are either homeless or court-ordered to live in a group setting, as well as those who wish to provide a third party reference to individuals in 12-step programs. Rehab facilities can also benefit from urine screening laboratory services.

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