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ICD-10 went into effect in the United States on October 1, 2015. The primary difference from ICD-9 is the amount of specificity and granularity of conditions or situations which were given a code. In total, there are some 70,000 codes, which is up 500% from ICD-9 (14,000 codes).

Given the specific nature of some of these codes, we assume that these are real situations that are recorded as having actually happened. Here are the 10 codes that caught our attention and made us laugh the hardest.

1. V91.07  Burn due to water-skis on fire

Exactly how fast were you going, sir?

2. V91.35 Hit or struck by falling object due to accident by canoe or kayak

I can just hear the doctor asking the patient, “Can you explain that to me again?!”

3. W59.22 Struck by turtle

I still don’t know if “struck” means the turtle charged you or if someone picked up a turtle and hit you with it.  This should probably be broken down in more detail.

ICD-10 Code: Struck by Turtle

4. X05  Exposure to ignition or melting of nightwear 

And you thought you got hot in bed while trying to sleep.

5. X08.1  Exposure to sofa fire 

This code is particularly popular in West Virginia after football games.

ICD-10 Code: Couch Burning

6. Y35.413A  Legal intervention involving bayonet, suspect injured 

I am not sure how rowdy those revolutionary war reenactment groups get, but apparently very if they have the cops called on hem and then wind up being stabbed with their own bayonet)

7. V97.33 Sucked into jet engine


8. R46.1 Bizarre personal appearance

Now that patient charts are accessible to patients, I want to meet the doctor with the guts to use this diagnosis

9. Y34 Unspecified event, undetermined intent

This is quite the Catch-All category. “Well doc, I was out drinking last night and I woke up with this…”

10. Z63.1 Problems in relationship with in-laws

So, at least there’s one code that covers everyone, right?

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