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Medical Supplies & Equipment

Medical supplies are vital instruments that help you administer the tests account for all of the findings. The next section shows some widely used equipment for POL (Physician Office Lab) testing.

  • BC-3200 Auto Hematology Analyzer is FDA approved and features a Cap Piercing Chamber that will hold up to 4 types of tubes. The design helps you avoid contamination, which would be detrimental to your study. You also get fast speeds for testing, easy maintenance, and accurate results from the user friendly software. This is one of the best analyzers available.
  • Envoy 500 is one of the fastest bench-top analyzers by performing up to 570 tests per hour. This vessel save you money and time and has a four-parameter Dry ISE, positive sample identification, and a built in touch screen with a bright LCD monitor. All of your results can be stored in memory to be easily displayed at just a touch. Also the pre-programmed parameters are already programmed into the software.
  • Cardiochek P-A is a blood testing instruments which can be used to check diabetes and cholesterol. It’s like having a health management system right in the palm of your hand. Easy to use with fast results in less than a minute.

With the right testing capabilities and equipment, the sky is the limit. (CLIA) Waved Testing is advanced and has you covered. By following all protocols, your business can be up and running on all cylinders. For more info on medical devices, go to

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