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Part 1 — What Makes Inflammation So Dangerous?

Part 2 — Understanding CRP and the Inflammation / Plaque relationship


Inflammation is bad. In fact, it’s far worse than one could have imagined in its effects on our body, particularly our heart. Inflammation is the other 50% of the risk quotient in heart attack and heart disease patients. Testing for and monitoring cholesterol levels with a standard lipid panel is simply not sufficient to get the full picture of cardiovascular risk.

Here’s How You Catch the Killer

If you remember the “silent killer” narrative from the first two posts on this topic, I’m going to introduce the silent killer’s worst nightmare — MD HeartPro.




MD HeartPro is an advanced lipid panel that tests for inflammation levels that contribute to heart attacks and heart disease. It works in combination with the standard lipid panel, which measures cholesterol. Plaque and Inflammation build in stages, and tracking which phase you’re in is critical to knowing what treatment options fit your current cardiovascular stage and risk elements. Here’s a visual of those stages, produced by our partners, Cleveland Heart Lab. (Used with permission)

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 5.02.54 PM

What’s the Next Step?

As with anything related to your physical health, accurate testing and proper diagnosis are crucial and necessary. At Premier, we’re working on a directory of physicians who use our Advanced Lipid Panel. In the meantime, if you want next level diagnostics for your cardiovascular health, tell your doctor about MD HeartPro.

If you’re a physician who is interested in discussing MD HeartPro further, Contact Us and we will set up a no cost, no obligation consultation.


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