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When it comes to health risks, it is important to realize and remember that every individual is unique. When you consider the specifics of DNA, genetics, and other family and lifestyle traits, then you have to be aware of what could affect you the most. That being said, when it comes to men the shortlist of the most likely threats to their health is reasonable. Consider the following items to protect yourself from the worst risks for men overall.


While the world might not realize it, men are arguably just as likely to deal with stress as women. However, when you consider the fact that men are less likely to feel comfortable opening up about their problems, this can develop into depression quite easily.

Heart Issues

While both sexes are tasked with taking care of their overall health, men are at a greater disadvantage for heart issues. They handle stress worse, they do “manly” things that can be more pressure and force on their heart, and they even eat more meat traditionally. These can all negatively impact the heart of a man far more than it can a woman.

Weight Problems

While women are always worried about their weight due to the nature of society, the fact is men don’t care as much. This can be a problem because diabetes and general issues associated with being overweight can creep up a lot quicker when you are carrying a spare tire around your waist.

Skin Cancer

Besides evidence that the skin of men may be more sensitive to sunlight, men are also more likely to get out in the sun with their need to run and workout, landscape, or even just be in the pool all summer.

Alcohol Issues

Men binge drink twice as much as women do according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That means even if a girl has a few drinks, a guy is putting down twice as many on average. Throw in the negative problems of some of the other issues mentioned for mental health over time and you can see why men could have serious drinking problems when it comes to coping which could lead to liver and weight issues.


While it may sound disgusting, guys are more likely to eat things off of the few day old pizza box, less likely to wash their hands, and don’t care as much about general cleanliness. That means breeding grounds for compromising immune systems are all around them. When the flue hits, it sticks with men.

COPD And Other Respiratory Diseases

While women have been known to smoke in large numbers, men smoke more. The thing is, men and women may need to find different ways to quit because they are wired differently. That means men could actually have more lung disease problems as a result of smoking.


Guys eat more on average, but they also eat less healthy (hot wings and nachos versus a salad). Enough said.

High Blood Pressure

Guys who never learn to “talk it out” and relax can be at higher risks for heart disease, but also for heart attacks and even a stroke.

Unintentional Injuries

This one may be embarrassing, but it is no less true than the others. Men can do stupid things behind the idea that they are invincible. Whether it is fireworks related, items falling on them (or them falling from heights), or even being electrocuted, men are less likely to embrace safety. This excess risk means more potential injuries that could be both short and long term with respect to their health consequences.

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