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Cancer is a disease that is caused by the division of abnormal cells in the body that are uncontrolled. Some types of cancer cause tumors in the body, while there are other types of cancer, such as leukemia, that do not. There are some misconceptions about cancer that many people have.

All Types of Cancer is the Same

Many people believe that all cancer is the same and that there is one wonder drug to treat the disease. There are over 100 types of cancer and they all cause different symptoms. Each different type of cancer has a different treatment. We know more about some types of cancer, such as breast cancer, and less about esophageal and pancreatic cancer.

There is No Cure For Cancer

Technically, there is no cure for cancer. There is no magic pill that will kill off all the cancer cells in a day, making the patient 100 percent healthy. While there is not a true cure, the individual cancer patient can be cured. Remission is the first step to a cure. If the patient remains in remission for 5 years, they are considered to be cured. While there is no actual cure for cancer, there are treatments that can cure the patient.

Cell Phone Dangers

The idea that cell phones cause cancer is a common misconception. Cell phone technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years. The phones today contain fewer carcinogens than the phones before them. Recently, a study was published by the Danish Cancer Society, which found no links between cell phone use and brain cancer.

Cancer Lumps

Many people believe that if they find a lump or a mass is detected during a screening, that it is cancerous. The truth is, every abnormality is not cancerous. The problem could be a cyst or a benign tumor, which is not cancerous. While it is not always going to be cancer, there are instances where the lump is pre-cancerous or cancerous. This is why regular screenings are necessary.

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer

Since the 1970’s, people have been saying that artificial sweeteners cause cancer. This is because, in 1969, a study was done on the effects of the active ingredient in artificial sweeteners, cyclamate, on mice. When the mice developed cancer, people panicked. What they didn’t know is that the doctors were giving the mice the equivalent of a human drinking 800 cans of diet soda each day. Too much of anything can cause cancer, and artificial sweeteners in moderation will not.

You Need More Than a Positive Attitude

There are some people who believe that just a positive attitude can treat their cancer. While a positive attitude can help, you need more than that when you have cancer. There is more than mind over matter when it comes to cancer. Being positive and even alternative treatments can help, however, you need to take the medications and accept the treatments offered by your doctor.

Surgery Can Cause Cancer to Spread

Decades ago, doctors could only diagnose cancer when it was in advanced stages and surgery was for exploratory purposes. Also, there was no way to tell if all of the cancer cells were removed. Because cancer treatment was so new, people believed that if the doctor tried to remove a tumor, the cancer cells could spread throughout the body. This is not true. Surgery is one of the most effective ways to treat cancer.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to cancer. Most of the misconceptions began years ago and have been since proven false.

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