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UDC’s (urine drug confirmations) are used by a myriad of health professionals today. They’re used so often, in fact, that the urine tests can become difficult to manage. Storing becomes an issue if you run a small practice, and the bad economy and required drug testing for employment means more and more people are flocking to get these tests done.

Outsourcing these UDC confirmations


The Advantages

  • Clean and careful sample storage. Good labs will be sure to treat each sample with care.
  • Many services offer personalized procedures, outlined by you. If you have specific needs, any quality lab will be willing to follow your instructions to the letter.
  • The results are fast and convenient. This means you’ll be able to deliver news of the test to your patient quickly.


The Disadvantages

  • Cost. Outsourcing your urine drug tests can cost you a bit extra, though it can save your staff and you a lot of time. Weight the differences and make sure that it’s worth it to you.
  • Paperwork. If you’re one who doesn’t enjoy adding more paperwork to your life, you might see outsourcing your UDC’s as more hassle than it’s worth.
  • While outsourcing can help streamline your medical work, it can also complicate matters if you end up working with a poor company. Make sure that the lab you outsource to is accurate, friendly, and compliant with all regulations.



Keeping up on UDC confirmation results can be a hassle for any medical professional and their team. With so many people to care for, it’s can be a struggle dealing with a large load of urine tests. If you find yourself needing it, find a high-quality lab to outsource your UDC tests to. It will save you time and effort, so you can get back to what you do best.

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