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urine drug test (or UDC) is the go-to method for many in the medical field when needing to screen for recent drug activity in a patient. The tests have become more prevalent in recent years due to many workplaces requiring them for their employees. Here are a few facts about the notorious test that every medical professional needs to know.

  • False positives are possible, and are surprisingly common. Some prescription drugs warn that patients taking them may test positive for certain illegal drugs, despite having never taken that illegal substance.
  • Urine drug tests are the least expensive form of drug testing available to medical professionals. This makes it particularly popular in the medical field, considering how often drugs must be tested for.
  • The Standard 5 Panel Drug Test covers amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates, and phencyclidine. These five represent the most common and/or most potentially dangerous drugs. Only an Extended Drug Test will test beyond these basic five drugs.
  • Urine samples can prove unstable or hard to test if kept in poor conditions. They can also be secretly diluted or altered by patients wishing to pass a drug test. They will often use household items such as vinegar or bleach to alter the tests.
  • It’s possible for medical professionals to outsource their urine drug tests to professional labs. These labs will safely store the samples, testing them according to your personalized standards. They provide a safe environment for testing, and often supply speedy results that can be passed on directly to the patient. Many medical professionals outsource their UDC’s, due to the sheer number they must perform every day.

With drug testing becoming ever more important, it’s crucial that all medical professionals know what they’re dealing with. Keep yourself informed about urine drug testing, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

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