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To fully and correctly administer a urine drug test, it’s important for medical professionals to know each step of the screening process. There are four basic steps in your Standard 5 Panel drug test: preparation, collection, analysis, and the review and results period.



Generally, prior to testing, the patient is required to sign a form about what may happen if the test proves positive. This all depends on the situational elements of the test, and whether or not it was requested by an employer. A sterile container must be prepared, as well as safe storing facilities for the sample.



Urine drug tests collection is done in private by the patient – they are usually led to a secure bathroom within the building, and allowed to void within the sterile container.

Collection can get complicated for a number of reasons – sometimes a patient cannot urinate, or they might seek to tamper with the sample before handing it over. A catheter might be used in the case of a patient being unable to void. Taking an oral temperature directly after a sample is handed over can be a good indicator of tampering – if the temperature of the sample and the patient vary radically, this is a good sign of tampering.



The sample will be sent off for testing. While many offices having testing facilities on sight, more and more medical professionals are beginning to outsource their urine drug tests to labs specifically designed for drug testing. With the large amount of drug tests many doctor offices have to go through each year, outsourcing is becoming the more popular method of testing.

A Standard 5 Panel Drug Test tests for five separate drug types – marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine. Each substance has a particular cut-off level that defines a patient being either above or below the threshold.


Review and Results

The results are received and reviewed by the medical professional in charge of the case. They are then forwarded on to the patient and/or other parties, such as an employer.

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