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One of the least invasive ways to monitor drugs in a patient’s system is through urine drug tests. The sample for the test can be done in a matter of minutes and by sending the sample to a secondary company for testing, it frees the workers in the office up for more important tasks related to the care of their patients. Working with a company that specializes in such outsource testing can be a huge bonus to any practice.

Working with an established company can help make the transition between handling the tests in the office and having the work outsourced smooth and streamlined. For offices that are new to this process, an established company with a strong track record will be able to help transition to outsourcing making the change easy to follow through on.

Going with a reliable company will also allow your office to receive urine drug confirmations in a timely and accurate. Results can be accessed as soon as they are available online through a secure site so no need to worry about waiting on postal mail to deliver the labs. There are many options for offices looking to work with an outsourcing lab.

There are many options available for any practice looking to make the move to a dedicated outsource lab. There is not a one size fits all model and the lab will work with the practice in order to achieve a process that works well with their needs, not force the practice to change their work model to conform to the lab.

Working with an outsourcing lab can open space and time in a practice for more patient focused care while still ensuring that all medications are being properly monitored.

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