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Jobs that require clarity, technical/mechanical, and/or problem solving skills may require mandatory drug testing during the application process. If you are an employer, it is important to consider outsourcing your drug testing. Finding a company to perform all of your drug testing will prevent you from having to hire employees specifically to administer these tests. An additional benefit of outsourcing your drug testing is the fact that your employees may not want co-workers to know the results of their test.

Did you know that when an employee is administered a drug test, a medical lab will test the specimen for the presence of illegal drugs, legal drugs and if found, the toxicity levels in the employee. If you do not outsource your testing, then you will need have an employee preserve their urine sample ensuring that when you ship it for testing it will be able to provide results without being contaminated.

In addition, there may be a few employees who will try to cheat the testing system by giving you an altered sample. This simply will not happen if you outsource your drug tests. A third-party will be present when an employee provides a sample for testing.

There are very few companies that have the funds to have an in-house laboratory with a full medical staff. If your company does have an in-house lab, and you are looking for ways to reduce your costs, then outsourcing your drug tests could save you a lot of money.

Employers who make the decision to outsource their drug testing do not have to worry about accusations or integrity concerns due to the fact that the medical professionals collecting the samples to be tested are neutral parties who do not personally know your employee ensuring the results are accurate.

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