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It is not necessary for companies (large or small) to conduct their own employee drug testing in-house. You do not need to be the person responsible for administrating the test, the only thing that you honestly need is the results of the drug test. Outsourcing your mandatory drug tests will greatly reduce your workload as well as company costs if you are willing to allow a third-party to handle the task.

In today’s economy many employers are looking for a way to perform their mandatory drug tests inexpensively; however, most of them want this done immediately and without hassle. Very rarely do small or medium-sized businesses have an in-house laboratory as well as a drug testing coordinator on their payroll.

Larger businesses may have an in-house drug testing laboratory; however, most of them will quickly discover that they would benefit from using a third-party to administer their drug tests plus many of these larger companies will also benefit from saving company time as well as funds.

When an employee is demanded to take a mandatory drug test, he/she could be hiding urine down his/her pants from a family member or friend in order to receive a negative result when in fact, this person would test positive for drugs – legal or illegal.

Most employers feel uncomfortable standing in the bathroom while an employee deposits a urine sample into a collection cup. If the employee and employer are different sexes, then obviously there would be legal consequences of such an action.

Hiring a third-party drug testing company would prevent an employee from depositing urine that is not his/hers plus it would prevent a possible law suit due to an employer being present while urine is being deposited in the drug test sample cup.

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