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There are many legal pitfalls a medical practice can find themselves involved in. With a growing increase of prescription pain medication abuse the need to drug screen patients is expanding. For this, along with the following reasons, drug screening should become a regular practice at your office.

Be Prepared For the Increased Regulation

Getting your office on board with utilizing regular urine drug test procedures for monitoring patients who are on certain prescriptions will have you ready for when your state regulates it. It’s important to have these sound habits instilled among your office and staff early on to help establish a foundation.

Legal Protection

When you are ready to start drug screening your patients you’ll be helping your practice to have an increased legal protection. With consistent screening you’ll become aware of any pending problems in a patient before they can get out of hand.

Create More Equality

You can level the playing field for your patients by randomly screening them. Rather than just testing the group at highest risk, those 15-18 years old, you’ll be testing all patients, equally randomly. This will help to give you better results and will establish a high-quality baseline on which you can improve if needed.

First Time Patients and Those with Early Refills

Most physicians will wonder about a patient’s use of a prescription at one point. One of the best ways to insure you know what is happening with the drugs you are prescribing is to test the patient. This will help you to establish a realistic measure for what the patient’s use is. This drug screening process will also help to establish that the history they disclose with you is accurate in regard to their drug background. In regards to early refills, a sound approach is to schedule a walk-in with the patient and perform a drug screen. This will help to ensure the need is legitimate and you’ll be able to make any adjustments for dosages that you need to.

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