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Some job applicants feel that a urine drug test is an invasive, insulting practice. But from an employer’s viewpoint, drug testing makes perfect sense.

It is important that all workers think clearly and have full use of their mental faculties. This can reduce the number of workplace accidents, helping employers maintain a safe environment. Besides, when accidents happen on the job, employers often pay more for workman’s comp insurance. Additionally, the number of lawsuits against the employer may increase.

A urine drug test during the application process can alleviate this headache. But there is a wrong and a right way to go about testing.

1. Prepare applicants for testing when you post the job ad. It is your right to ask applicants to consent to a urine drug test. Understand, however, that they can refuse. To weed out applicants who will not agree to testing, make sure your employment ads include “subject to pre-employment drug testing,” or another variation. This way, applicants know what to expect before applying.

2. Conduct additional testing after hiring employees. Some applicants will stop using drugs long enough to pass a pre-employment urine drug test, and return to their old habits once hired. Since this is a possibility, conduct additional drug testing at random intervals, perhaps during the worker’s probationary period and then once or twice a year.

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