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There are many reasons you should consider using a lab for UDC confirmation if you’re not already doing so. These days a medical practice is susceptible to more and more trouble from various lawsuits. This has caused a need to crack down on patient care, ensuring doctors are doing more than their due diligence to protect not only their patients but also their practice. Here are a few benefits you’ll see from using a drug screen test.

Get Ahead of the Times

States are becoming increasingly regulated on how you’re allowed to conduct your prescriptions in regards to narcotics. Getting caught up to a new system can be a real pain. Why not get a jump on the game and get your office in the practice of testing any patients you regularly prescribe to?

Have Everything on a Level Playing Field

When you start to test on a random basis of all age groups, specifically those you are prescribing narcotics to, you are no longer only testing high risk groups (i.e. teens and young adults).This will help to insure your patients are getting quality care that is unbiased.

Create a Baseline

Many offices have patients that call in early or their pain prescription refills. You’ll also have first time prescriptions of these narcotics. In order to establish a baseline for how your patients are using and who is taking illicit substances you’ll need to test across the board.

Why Send it Out?

These days there are more and more offices that do most of their lab work in house. They do this under the guise that it will be faster and cheaper but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. In order to truly get the best results, save money and receive the results on a consistent time frame outside labs are some of your best resources to utilize.

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