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A recent study released by the CDC has shown that there has been more than a hundred percent increase in prescription drug abuse in the last five years. This alarming epidemic has caused many offices to realize the necessity for UDC confirmations or drug screening. Those that are ahead of state regulatory systems are glad they implemented a routine for drug screening in their offices. If your office is thinking about implementing a system, consider the following reasons you might want to make this a practice at your office.

Patient Protection

Making sure your patients are taking the right dose and maintaining it is something you want to be able to verify. One of the best ways to insure you’re getting accurate information in regards to this is to implement across the board drug screening for patients who are on specific prescriptions. When using a drug screen, the bond between patient and doctor is further increased. Improved lines of communication will be opened if problems are detected through the screening. You’ll be able to detect if something is off, early on and therefore make changes.

Protecting Your Office

Another key reason to make sure your patients are getting drug screened, particularly if they are on prescription narcotics, will be to protect your office. If a patient is selling their dose and not taking it a clean screen will make you instantly aware of this. Those drugs sold on the street can come back to become a physician’s liability. If you are checking up on your patients through screening, you’ll have a more accurate idea of whether or not you need to change treatment. In addition, you’ll know if you need to adjust your course of treatment. Risks such as a patient selling prescriptions, taking more than prescribed or combining with other illicit substances will be mitigated when they are subject to drug screening.

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