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There are a variety of reasons to drug test.  Sometimes certain medications can flag certain parameters, sometimes employers need to ensure their employees are as clean as they say they are.  Sometimes parents aren’t sure about their children’s activities.  Whatever the reason, a drug test lab is where the most reliable testing is going to occur. Whether that testing is commercial or private, it’s better to trust the results of a drug test lab because they are going to be results that come from professional quantification.  Individuals with accredited university credentials and hands-on experience with a variety of testing apparatus can not only determine the contamination of an individual’s system, they can quantify it through cutting edge technology that provides detailed information previously unavailable.

MD Drug Pro is a new software that acts a a comprehensive drug monitoring program.  Its testing capabilities are positively superior and personalized to boot. Premiere Medical Laboratory Services, PMLS, offers a drug test lab equipped with MD Drug Pro and staffed with highly-motivated, well-credentialed individuals who specialize in drug testing and provide professional service to all clients.  Their services are specifically concerned with urine drug confirmation testing, and pioneering techniques in specimen testing are used to achieve the most dependable results.  Each specimen is closely monitored throughout the cycle of testing until the results can be reliably documented and sent to the physician who commissioned the testing.  High performance liquid chromatography and triple-quad mass spectroscopy, initialized LCMS, are used for the highest accuracy.  Toxicologists are on-call precisely because the delicate nature of this business requires them to be, and no decent lab would operate otherwise.  Results are guaranteed within seventy-two hours, which is three to four days quicker than most testing facilities can boast.  And all of that means nothing sans certification.  PMLS is thankfully certified by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, (CLIA), and by COLA, and all accrediting organizations involved in drug test lab certification.

Laboratories specialize in scientific operations, so it only makes sense that PMLS would commission their testing procedures around facts and values that are scientific.  This is a measure that sets PMLS apart as distinct from the competition in that their measurements are comprehensive to a degree which surpasses competitors greatly. Test results of such depth and clarity can be exceptionally difficult to read, and understanding this LIS, or laboratory information systems, are used to generate test result reports on a single page.  These reports can be specifically customized to fit the needs of any client, which in turn renders the clinic more streamlined access to reports and increases overall efficacy.

The billing policy of PMLS is also geared around a patient-friendly system.  The majority of laboratories will give self-pay patients the short end of the stick via higher costs for the same service.  Then those poor patients face pursuit from aggressive collectors until payment is fully received.  PMLS doesn’t like this kind of thing any more than patients who have gone through it do, and so they charge self-pay patients reasonably through the system which has been developed by them to aide in payments and payment options.

A drug test lab needs to be technologically cutting-edge, it needs to have professional staff that have a clean eye on customer service, and it needs to be in provision of testing results which clinics can easily understand and access.  It also needs to be as quick as possible, and charge those whom it serves a reasonable rate.  Premiere Medical Laboratory Services lives up to all these qualifications and more.  Contact them for more information and cut the hassle out of drug testing.

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