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Are you in search of a reputable and experienced drug screening laboratory? One that you can trust to do the job right and receive speedy, accurate results? If so, then Premier Medical Laboratory Services is who you should turn to. Premier Medical Laboratory Services is located in Greenville, South Carolina and offers a highly trained staff at your service. They will provide you with consistent and accurate test results every time. Your search for the best trusted drug screening laboratory has finally ended with PMLS.

The Premier Medical Laboratory Services features new technology in their testing procedures. They use a cutting edge software called MD Drug Pro, which is a program that monitors and comprehensively checks for the presence of drugs. PMLS also makes receiving test results a breeze by allowing its clients to buy the tests online and makes it accessible at any time, at your own convenience. They are extremely affordable and will give you informational tools at your fingertips. Detailed, easy to read lab reports will be made available to you and your company or organization for ease of viewing. All you would need to do to get started is simply set up a secure account online and have your entry system customized to handle your tests. This allows for doctors and physicians to easily obtain test data and results about their patients in order to further provide treatment in the best way possible.

PMLS screens for many illicit drugs which can include heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, etc. They can also screen for simple drugs like alcohol, and other prescription drugs that might be in the person’s system. These are important tests that need to be done and can benefit your business in the pre-employment phase as well as the post-hiring phase for future and current employees. PMLS helps you obtain the information you need about your employees so that you can maintain and ensure the future success of your company, large or small.

Buying these customizable drug tests online is not only an affordable tool for the big corporations but also for the small businesses as well. Everyone can benefit from this service. You are doing yourself and your company a favor by outsourcing your drug testing, especially by going with a great company like Premier Medical Laboratory Services, the best drug screening laboratory that is out there for you and your company. To learn more and receive more information, be sure to visit their website at and get started today!

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