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Premier Medical understands that a healthy, productive individual and workforce begins with a drug-free environment. Our comprehensive rapid substance abuse and laboratory-based testing are designed to satisfy your drug testing.

Our Test Menu and Search Center offers an overview of the lab testing information for your reference on the numerous tests we offer. Premier Medical Laboratory services can meet your personal and occupational drug testing needs.

Numerous testing options are our primary focus. Our experts constantly monitor the market trends and street drugs. Our commitment to studying current drug trends provides organizations with innovative test portfolio that echoes the societal trends.

Using the LC/MS/MS and Immunoassay technology, Premier Medical provides a definitive analysis of a wide range of substances of abuse with easy to ready reports. Also, we ensure that the specimens are validly confirmed. To set up a drug test or lab-based drug testing program, contact Premier Medical.

A drug test is an investigation of a biological specimen, such as blood, urine, oral fluid/saliva and hair to determine the absence or presence of specified parent drugs or their metabolites. Key applications drug testing are recognition of the presence of performance enhancing steroids in sports, determination of prohibited drugs in employees.

Laboratory drug tests

The Urine drug testing is the most common in the lab drug test. Mainly because if it’s carried out accurately and with proper caution it can give a 90% + accuracy.  However, there are other accurate and reliable laboratory drug tests that you can get at our Premier Medical Laboratory. Here are the various laboratory tests that we offer. Frequently urine is employed in testing for marijuana and various drugs of employment, parole or probation. Also, saliva, hair and urine can be used to test for drugs in the bloodstream.

  • Urine lab drug test

The tests are undertaken in the laboratory using sterile cups to protect the specimen. The specimen is pulled from the cup using a dropper without contamination. The specimen is dropped on the testing strip for further analysis. The drug test lab maintains well-documented records and forwards them to the requesting doctor or the company. Urine drug testing is highly recommended by the Federal, State, and Clinical laws, for testing chronic pain patients with opioids.

  • Saliva Lab drug test

The drug test lab collects the saliva specimens, but it only shows results of drugs used within the last 12-24 hours. This doesn’t, therefore, give enough history of drug use.

The test shows quicker results are less invasive. Also, the drug test lab just places the mouthpiece in the mouth of the patient for around 2 minutes to saturate the pad with saliva, after which it is placed in the collection cup. Therefore, the test allows recording of more accurate results in the last 24 hours of use.

The diversion and abuse of physician prescription medications have been regarded as a health crisis for the general public. Some of the key reasons why individuals take drug tests today include to keep a job or start a new one. Our Premier Medical drug test lab ensure takes frequent individual and on the job services drug tests.

Remember that it is crucial to ensure that your drug test lab company is one of excellence and preserves your specimen well. There is a rising trend in the market for drug testing, and scientists are frequently looking for innovative ways to improve accuracy and speed of drug testing today. We’re committed to the trend for the advantage of our customers.

Call toll free 1-877-335-2455 or contact us TODAY about lab drug test for the various drugs and substances.

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