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The past three decades have seen the increase of people blatantly using drugs for various reasons. While some people just want to get high, others are addicted to a drug they just can’t get off. Irrespective of the reasons, drugs can undermine a person’s performance, hence the need for screening.

As an employer, you can mandate the taking of employee’s saliva, urine, blood, or hair samples for analysis in a drug screening laboratory to test for illicit substances. For this article, the aim is to explore some of the major benefits of employee drug screening.

Non-Drug Using and Drug Using Employees

Studies show that substance using employees, as compared to non-substance users, are more likely to:

  • Be less productive
  • Be absent from or late to work
  • Be involved in workplace accidents and potentially harm colleagues

These dangers posed by having substance users at the workplace lead us to explore the benefits of taking advantage of a drug screening laboratory to ensure your employees are not substance abusers. The benefits include:

Ensure Employees’ and Public Safety

Screening your employees for substance use protects other employees as well as the public, particularly in workplaces where workers operate heavy machines or make life-or-death decisions. A track driver, for instance, could cause a vehicle accident and jeopardize himself as well as other drivers. A healthcare professional working under the influence could misdiagnose his patient and administer the wrong treatment, endangering the patient’s life.

Avoiding Any Future Problems

Employees’ substance abuse can take a calamitous financial toll on your business. A drug problem can drastically become uncontrollable, and someone who looked like a good employee when being hired can soon become unreliable; turning up late for work, frequent absenteeism, and not focusing on his tasks. Moreover, such employees have higher rates of workplace accidents, resulting in expensive employee’s compensation claims.

Therefore, you should consider screening all your potential hires to save yourself the headaches that come with an employee’s persistent drug use. Paying for a drug screen upfront may save your company money later on when you don’t have to recruit or compensate an injured worker.

Protect Organization’s Reputation

A single worker with a substance abuse problem can ruin your organization’s image. If his drug use results in on-the-job-mistakes – like misappropriating client’s money, causing a car accident, or making a blunder during a medical procedure – this may taint your entire company’s image. Consequently, clients will shun doing business with you, regardless of whether you’ve had other complaints or not. People may also think you have little or no concern for client or public safety if you did not take the time to scrupulously screen applicants before employing them.

It’s a Legal Requirement

Some companies may be legally required to administer employee drug tests. These include companies in the airline industry, railroads, among other public transportation. In some industries, enlisting the services of someone with a drug problem may be a liability and potentially result in legal action if that employee behaves inappropriately or does something illegally. For instance, if your employee works with children and threatens their safety, you could face a lawsuit.


If just one of your workers has a substance abuse problem, it could have a devastating impact on your business. While it may cost you a significant amount of money to screen every employee, the benefit of doing so will be worth the cost. If drug screening your employees interests you, you can count on Premier Medical Laboratory Services for reliable drug screening laboratory services.


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