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Year after year, seasonal pollen has been on a steady rise, and it is, therefore, important to have a solid allergy survival plan in readiness for spring break. But, why such high levels of pollen? Climatic changes are the main culprits with the rise in worldwide greenhouse gases, temperatures, large amounts of precipitation and the over-cultivation of male plants have resulted in more intense and longer allergy seasons.

You need to stay a step ahead this spring for an allergy-free spring break. The first thing you need to know is whether you have seasonal allergies so you can come up with a custom allergen control plan. The second thing you need to realize, especially if you are allergy prone, allergy medication – oral antihistamines, steroids and eye drops work best before allergy symptoms take hold. You will need less medication if you take it before a peak allergy period.

Allergies can affect your sleep pattern especially if you are taking drowsiness-inducing meds that make you sleepy during the day. Get the right medication, recommended by your physician, to control your allergies. Here are some tips on how to survive allergy season:

Get out of your work clothes and shoes as soon as you get home

This will stop you from carrying pollen and other allergens into your home, where they can continue triggering your allergy symptoms to act up. Kick off your shoes outside your entry door and toss your clothes into a hamper and take a shower, to wash off any lingering allergens, then change into something nice, clean and allergen free.

If you have a pet, wipe their fur and paws when they enter your house to remove any clinging pollen

Wear a pollen mask for all your outdoor chores

During lawn mowing or gardening wear a pollen mask, avoid touching your face and eyes and wear gloves to minimize your exposure to allergen particles. Look for a pollen mask marked N95 as this means that it meets the standards of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health by filtering up to 95 percent of allergen particles.

Shift your workout indoors

Always check the pollen counts in your region in the morning and shift your workout indoors when they are high. Though this will mean trading your beautiful outdoor training for an exercise DVD in your living room or a treadmill, you are going to be allergy free.

It is also important to note that pollen is often highest in the afternoon, you should, therefore, run your errands in the morning hours or late in the evening to avoid a pollen encounter.

Become window savvy

If you are extremely allergic to pollen, you probably want to keep your windows closed and run your AC instead. But, if you are affected by in-house allergens such as dust or mold, you will need to keep all your windows open to let fresh air in, which will help clear your indoor allergens.

Take all your allergy symptoms seriously

It’s easy to brush off your lingering headaches or nasal congestions as ‘simple allergies’, but truth be told, allergy symptoms left unattended can take a huge toll on your health and well-being. If you are feeling extremely lousy, listen to your body and have some rest. Continuing with your business as usual when you feel sick will only make your symptoms worse. Don’t wait until your symptoms are at their peak for you to seek medical attention.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors this spring with these practical, simple and proven ways to help you survive the allergy season.

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