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Girl Holding Christmas Gift

It’s that time of year again when we start giving and receiving gifts from loved ones. We all know picking out gifts, especially for young ones can be a difficult task as there are so many awesome toys to choose from. So, here is a list of some of the best ones to get this year for your youngsters.

The Zoomers

This toy is great for a lot of age groups from little toddler stage to the big kids in your family. Zoomer is a robot animal that listens to different commands and acts as if it is real. They have a lot of different animal zoomers to choose from such as the puppy, cat, pony, unicorn, hedgehogs, chimp, dino, and they have even made paw patrol ones which is a big hit with children this year.

Personalized Books

This can be the perfect Christmas gift and it’s perfect for any age group. You can customize it for your little one with bright colors and pictures or with tons of loving fun words for the older ones to read.This gift will last a lifetime it will be something they will cherish and hold on to.

The Kids Smartwatch

This is perfect for ages 4 and up. You can find a smartwatch to fit anyone’s need. This can keep your little ones busy for awhile and your older kids will love this gift as well. There are many different types and brands out there that will suit your needs and age group you’re looking for.

Root Vue Farm

Nowadays with all the processed food and all the chemicals they put into the foods, this is a great gift to teach your little ones how to grow their own fresh food! This gift is educational, hands-on, and promotes healthy eating.

Zipfy Snow Sled

The Zipfy Snow Sled is not only fun but gets your children outside and playing in the snow. It gives them the best sled experience of their lives and comes in three different colors!

Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

This gift is perfect for the ones who are scared of the dark at bedtime and keeps them busy for awhile while they try and fall asleep.

Beats Solo HD Headphones

The Beats Solo HD Headphones come in handy when your child is using their iPod or iPad because you don’t have to listen to what they are listening to. These headphones are nearly indestructible, which is a great feature for kids and parents.

Magnetic Thinking Putty

What child doesn’t love putty with all it’s slimy, squishy, silly sounds, and there’s a bonus it’s magnetic. This is a for sure a gift the kids will love.

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

All of us enjoy eating ice cream. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Make allows children to make their own. Best of all it only requires ice, rock salt and ice cream mix and no batteries. The kids get to have fun by just shaking the maker around and playing with it. Once playtime is over, bam the ice cream is ready to eat.

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

The Pogo Jumper is perfect for little kids bodies it is made of foam. This toy can be played inside or outside and promotes your little one to have fun while being active and getting exercise.

These are just a handful of the cool toys available this Christmas season. You really need to get out there and shop to see the countless other ones available out there to keep children fit, learning and having fun.