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The best way to honor American Heart Month is by making a difference in your patients’ cardiovascular health. As you all know taking care of the heart can be a puzzling task. Many times numerous tests are needed to gain a full picture of your patients needs. Pointing patients in the direction of healthy preventative care habits is great, but having a single test that makes earlier diagnosis possible is a game changer. MD HeartPro is a simple, stream-lined testing solution to earlier detection of heart disease and other heart related issues. 

Early Detection Is a Must in Heart Health

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in America. Last year alone, the CDC reported over 600,000 Americans died from heart disease.  Another 800,000 Americans suffered heart attacks.  One out of every five heart attack patients never even realize that they have suffered a heart attack.  Out of those numbers, two-thirds of heart attacks were the patient’s first.  Heart disease and other heart related issues are many times silent, so multiple tests are needed to gauge a person’s complete heart health.  This is why it is easy to see that having a tool like MD HeartPro could benefit your cardiac patients.

MD HeartPro is able to identify over 90% of people at risk for heart disease.  Heart related issues can be difficult to pinpoint. Half of patients that have heart disease do not show the same risk markers.   For example, testing cholesterol levels only accounts for 25% of premature cardiovascular disease findings.  Most commonly, lipids and cholesterol levels are key biomarkers to look at when diagnosing patients.  However, 60% of patients that have had a stroke or heart attack had normal lipid test levels.  MD HeartPro combines all the biomarker tests that have been established over the last fifty years.  This gives a full overall view of all the main biomarkers (lipid panels, cholesterol panels, genetic markers, inflammatory markers,and metabolic syndrome) consolidated into one test.  Having all the biomarkers shown in one clear outline makes early detection much more possible. 

Using MD HeartPro is the best way to gain a master plan for your patient’s heart health.  Help make a difference this Heart Month and implement MD HeartPro as part of your patient’s heart health plans.  Visit our website at to learn more about this incredible cardiovascular testing.