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Premier Medical Laboratory Services is launching a COVID-19 management program, Keep America Thriving, designed to aid large organizations with effective compliance with the recently announced Biden Administration Vaccine Mandate. News outlets reported the mandate could be finalized as early as this week. “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been working to develop a temporary emergency standard that covers employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing,” stated the Labor Department.

The President’s requirements would apply to more than 130,000 businesses across the U.S. and would affect about 80 million workers nationwide. The mandate could result in 12 million people, or more than 3% of the total population, getting vaccinated by March, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs, and could bring the rate of partial vaccination among the total American population up to 82% by mid-2022, the analysts found. They also noted that about 90% of adults would have at least one dose of a vaccine. 

Vaccination rates against COVID-19 in the U.S. have risen by more than 20 percentage points after multiple institutions adopted vaccine requirements in recent months, the Biden Administration reported. However, many American workers are still hesitant about getting their COVID-19 shots. Meaning, the mandate’s testing option will likely put a large strain on the nation’s testing infrastructure as increased demand is expected. Taking this into account, PMLS is prepared with one of the largest testing capacities in the nation and in-house manufacturing for unlimited testing supplies. 

“When other laboratories scaled back during the lull in cases over the summer due to a drop in testing demand, we did not,” said Kevin Murdock, CEO and Founder of PMLS. “We kept building up our capabilities as a laboratory to be prepared for another surge like the one we are facing now. For this reason, we are prepared to handle exponentially more than most laboratories throughout the country.” 

PMLS’s automated workflow with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment has enabled them to process up to 300,000 COVID tests per day with 98% of results provided in under 24 hours. Their team of leading Ph.D. scientists has been instrumental in the nation’s COVID-19 response. Because of this, PMLS is the trusted testing partner for professional sports teams, schools and colleges, large corporations, and state health departments throughout the nation. 

With their advanced infrastructure in place, PMLS’s Keep America Thriving program is specifically designed for manufacturing companies, distribution and fulfillment centers, large-scale retail, construction, and organizations with large, in-office employee operations. Keep America Thriving offers the following to these entities: 

  • A turnkey customized onsite testing program for continual supply of test kits for fast, accurate results 
  • Onsite training and consulting for proper testing methods and customized strategy for most effective testing measures 
  • Rapid antigen tests 
  • PCR tests which can be stocked onsite 
    • Companies would be charged upon use and supply would replenish automatically 
    • No medical professional is required to administer these FDA authorized tests