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Toxicology panels can be run for a variety of reasons but are predominantly used to assess dosing and usage of drugs and medications as well as for diagnostic testing.

Toxicology panels are often used for workplace screening, in rehabilitation facilities or for management of pain or psychotropic medication usage. Because of the widespread use of psychotropic medications and illicit substances every physician practice needs a toxicology panel that is dependable and provides rapid results.

Rapid toxicology screening utilizes sensitive and specific panels with urine or oral swab samples. Due to the ongoing need for patient care and treatment, quick reporting of test results is important when looking for a dependable toxicology lab. When results provided are clear and dependable, better informed patient treatment and prescribing is possible, improving outcomes and mitigating litigation.

Urinalysis allows for point of care testing that is quick and simple to do and should be considered in any situation where a patient presents with altered consciousness. Some drugs will not be detected in urine and may therefore require a saliva swab for detailed analysis.

Abnormal results can indicate a drug overdose or be related to interactions with other medications. Comprehensive toxicology panels can assess a variety of psychotropic medications and illicit substances to determine a full picture of what the patient is taking with up to 30 different drugs screened at once.

Working with a lab that utilizes advanced testing means that drug to drug interactions can be detected, patient diversion efforts detected and provide both a qualitative and quantitative method of analysis. Panels are continually updated with advancing technology to ensure the most advanced testing methods are provided.

State of the art toxicology labs use mass spectrometry as opposed to immunoassay. Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical technique that allows detection of distinguishable ionizable chemical compounds providing sensitivity, precision, and accuracy. The ability to automate this testing through mass spectrometry allows for a rapid turnaround of results.

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