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Allergies not only make you miserable but can also prevent you from enjoying the activities that you may normally enjoy. While there are many medications to treat allergies sometimes the treatments can leave you drowsy or may give you unwanted side effects. The good news is there are other ways to help make your allergies less severe without having to take medication. Check out the tips below to help keep your allergies at bay and help you enjoy the outdoors again.

Use An Anti-Allergy Detergent

Mold spores and pollen can take up residence on your clothing and if not properly laundered can stay in the fabric. The first step in laundering your clothes is giving them a good shake to dislodge all of the pollen and debris off that you can. Next, wash them with an anti-allergy detergent and tumble dry in at a hot temperature.

Invest in Pollen Resistant Clothing

As mentioned above, pollen and mold spores like to travel with you on your clothing throughout the day, so the less you acquire on you, the less your allergies will be triggered. A new fabric referred to as Microfit SX is pollen-resistant and designed to block pollen from clinging to your outwear.

Wear an Allergy Masks

When you are performing tasks that will expose you to high allergy triggers consider wearing an allergy mask. These masks are equipped with HEPA filters and can help keep a lot of pollen and spores from entering into your mouth and nasal passages. Consider using one for tasks such as yard work.

Enjoy Some Time at the Beach

This is probably one of the easiest and undoubtedly most enjoyable way to spend some time and enjoy some activities without having to worry about your allergies. Thanks to the cleansing nature of the ocean breeze areas about one -quarter mile in from the water will have less pollen and mold making allergy symptoms milder. If you enjoy exercise, running or swimming at the beach is a great way for allergy sufferers to enjoy some fresh air.

Drink Some Tart Cherry Juice

Drinking tart cherry juice releases a compound known as quercetin which is known to release histamines in the body which has the ability to reduce your allergy symptoms. So start each day with an immune system boost to reduce regular allergy symptoms.

Crank Up the AC

While it can be a relief after the winter months to open up the windows and let the fresh air in, if you are an allergy sufferer, opening the windows will let in a wide range of allergens and pollen triggering your allergy symptoms. When the warm air creeps up, shut your windows and crank up the air conditioning. Not only will it reduce the entrance of allergens, but the a/c can dehumidify the air in your home.

Learn Your Allergy Triggers

Sometimes one of the best defenses is knowing what can trigger your allergies and avoid them if possible. For example, if you like to take a daily walk or jog, plan your route in areas with fewer trees or other major allergy triggers. While you will still be exposed to these allergens by just being outdoors, at least the concentration will be less.

Don’t suffer this whole season with your allergies. Try the tips listed above to treat your symptoms with out medication and breathe a little easier.