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Allergies can be extremely annoying whether they are seasonal, environmental or food-based. Symptoms associated with these increase histamine levels can include a runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat, itchy throat, itchy mouth, hives and much more. Some people have minimal allergies that just bring about some unwanted symptoms but other people can have life threatening symptoms associated with their allergies that bring about anaphylaxis. Having some allergy remedies on hand can help you feel better whether your symptoms hang around for a week or two each year or if your allergies are something that you have going on year round. Let’s take a look at some of the various allergy remedies that are out there so you can make an educated decision on what will work best for you:


Most of these medications are over the counter but there are a few different active ingredients that are used to reduce the overall histamine levels in your blood. When you come into contact with something you are allergic to whether you touch it or consume it, your body will produce histamines as an immune response. These histamines are what cause the allergic reaction symptoms and the amount of histamines in your body is a result of how much allergen you were exposed to and how allergic you actually are. These medications tend to work quite quickly but you will want to use them as early as you notice some symptoms of a reaction. Side effects sometimes include drowsiness but some people experience the complete opposite and become energetic. If you have a severe allergy of some sort you will want to keep one of these medications on hand at all times.

Allergy Immunizations

People who have been diagnosed with an allergy sometimes have the option of receiving allergy shots as a long term way to get rid of their allergies. Serum if injected into the body that contains very small amounts of the allergen. The concept is that the body will build up a tolerance to the allergen over time. These shots often need to be done every couple of weeks for a number of months in order to get results. You may not be completely free from your allergy but it can be greatly reduced using this method.


Some people who have severe allergies will experience a throat or chest tightening after coming into contact with their allergen. This is a very serious reaction and may require the use of an inhaler that will help open up the airways and help the person breathe better until they can get medical attention. These inhalers are prescription based but usually contain the medication Albuterol as the method for opening up the airways and providing relief for the time being. Sometimes the medicine must be used multiple times for adequate relief.


These rapid injections of epinephrine are used for people who have life threatening allergies. When they come into contact with the allergen they will have a fast response and can use an epi-pen to eliminate the risk of a life threatening reaction. These epi-pens are provided by way of a prescription and a doctor will usually determine whether or not a person needs this prescription after allergy testing has been done.

An allergy is never something you want to ignore or take lightly. You may have a minor allergy one day but then the next day it has become life threatening and you didn’t know it. Always avoid your allergen triggers if you can but be prepared in case you are exposed by accident and have an allergic reaction.