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CPT Medical to increase COVID-19 diagnostics access

GREENVILLE, SC March 20, 2020  – CPT Medical, a surgical pack and kit manufacturing firm based in Greenville, SC, is now shipping COVID-19 testing kits that are available throughout the US. With 54,000 test kits in production for allocation to hospitals, nursing homes, and physician’s offices by the end of next week, CPT Medical is scheduled to release 95,000 test kits for patient testing in approximately three weeks.  

Developed in CPT Medical’s FDA registered facility under CDC guidelines, the tests offered are bulk kits for nursing homes, hospitals, laboratories, and large physician’s offices as well as individual kits for laboratories. Produced in collaboration with Premier Medical Laboratory Services, a COLA and CLIA regulated laboratory, the tests serve as a COVID-19 diagnostic testing and Respiratory Pathogen Profile (RPP) kits.

Currently in development at the CPT Medical facility for telehealth services are home testing kits to be ordered by physicians to their patients. This development will help mitigate transmission of the virus between patients and healthcare providers. Once the development process is completed for the in-home testing kits, they will not be available to the general public directly, but will be accessible by physicians only for their patients.

The World Health Organization has urged all countries to test every suspected case. “We have not seen an urgent enough escalation in testing, isolation and contact tracing, which is the backbone of the response,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

“Helping to provide a critical piece in containing the spread of COVID-19 is something we are very proud of,” stated Connie Liesman, CEO of CPT Medical. “The shortage in testing is something that we are on a mission to impact positively in South Carolina and the US at large. For over fifteen years we have manufactured surgical packs and kits for hospitals and surgery centers and our team is practiced in efficiently producing the highest quality tests for current needs.”   

To order COVID-19 test kits or for more information, healthcare providers can call 866-584-3713 or visit

About CPT Medical:

CPT Medical, Inc., has manufactured surgical custom and standard procedure trays, packs, and kits assembled to fit specific needs and requirements for over 15 years. At CPT, a clinical staff is available to assist with clinical product support and surgical tray review and analysis. They specialize in joint relationships with IDN’s to establish a turnkey in-house surgical pack operation. For more information, please call 866-584-3713 or visit

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