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GREENVILLE, SC May 21, 2020  – As businesses across the country begin to reopen, many employers are uncertain of exactly what measures are needed to safely return their employees to work. Vessel Medical, a medical supply firm specializing in personal protective equipment has partnered with Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), one of the country’s leading commercial laboratories for COVID-19 testing, to create a comprehensive customizable COVID-19 program which covers testing, safety, and monitoring of employees; MDHealthPro for Opening Up America Again. With this program, employers can be certain that they have a safety strategy in place tailored to the specific reopening needs of their businesses.

The MDHealthPro Opening Up America Again program is developed for businesses to implement appropriate policies informed by industry best practices and in accordance with federal, state, and local guidance and regulations. The program ensures the most effective measures are taken for testing, contact tracing, social distancing, isolating, temperature checks, protective equipment, sanitation and disinfection of common high-traffic areas. Having this proficiently customized strategy in place will ensure that employers have the right amount of quality protection supplies, monitoring technology, and testing all readily available for their staff when needed.

“We want to help businesses to assure their employees that the best safety precautions are being taken against COVID-19 as they return to work,” said Kevin Murdock founder of Premier Medical Laboratory Services and Vessel Medical. “Employers already have much to face in reopening their businesses, and we hope to take some of the fear and confusion away from the process while helping with the latest methods to keep them healthy, safe, and able to remain in full operation.”

The MDHealthPro Opening Up America Again program includes three components:

  1. Testing

The testing component equips businesses with high complexity diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and a 24-48 hour turnaround of results. The Sars-Cov-2 package of testing also includes antibody testing (IgG/IgM Elisa) and rapid testing (POC IgG/IgM kits). Both testing packages include daily courier pickup/UPS next day, collection devices, other ancillary supplies and a certification letter of employee testing.

  • Safety

The safety component provides PPE and other supplies including N95 masks, Level 1 triple layer washable cloth masks that can be customized with a company logo, disinfectants, gloves, and gowns.

  • Monitoring

The monitoring component delivers entry point monitoring of employee temperature by way of forehead thermometer devices or infrared digital fever detection using thermal imaging and monitoring systems.

Vessel Medical is dedicated to supporting businesses that implement the MDHealthPro Opening Up America Program. From onboarding of the program to continuous technical support and advisement, Vessel Medical will ensure that employers can always prioritize their company operations and be assured they have the latest in safety measures, technology, and testing to keep their staff safe. 

For employers who would like more information on how to best reopen their business safely, please visit or call 866.451.MEDS (6337).

About Vessel Medical:

Vessel Medical, since its inception in 1991, has been committed to providing physician’s offices, hospitals, laboratories and their employees with the right workflow solutions, medical supplies, and medical equipment for their needs. Headquartered in Greenville, SC, Vessel offers a complete line of laboratory equipment, medical supplies, flu vaccines, paper/disposables, injectables, and patient care supplies from the top brands such as Pro Advantage, Kimberly-Clark, Quidel, Procare, 3M, Hemosense, BinaxNow, Bayer/Seimens, and Hypoguard at discount and bulk rates. For more information about Vessel Medical, please call 866.451.MEDS (6337) or visit