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Allergy like symptoms such as rhinitis are among the most common complaints physicians see. Allergic rhinitis has been shown to be a risk factor for asthma. Data supports the concept that there is an allergic march. The progression of allergic disease that begins in childhood can culminate into asthma. Therefore, appropriate treatment and diagnosis of allergic rhinitis can prevent the progression to asthma. 

The allergic march manifests initially as eczema within the first year of life affecting 10 to 20% of children. As foods are introduced to the patient diet, food allergies can develop. The incidence of food allergies has increased by 18% in the time span from 1997 to 2007. From here, the patient can go on to develop rhinitis with as many as 40% of children affected and then further progress to asthma.

The prevalence of allergic rhinitis in patients who suffer from rhinitis is anywhere between 9 and 40%. Up to 65% of patients who take nonsedating antihistamines do so unnecessarily. Without IgE blood testing, diagnostic accuracy for the detection of allergic rhinitis is around 50% at best.

These factors demonstrate the need for specific IgE blood testing to form an accurate diagnosis and treatment for affected patients. Specific IgE antibodies can aid the diagnosis of asthma, allergies, and other pulmonary disorders.

When appropriately diagnosed, the patient has the knowledge to reduce exposure to specific triggers. Furthermore, effective treatment allows reduced inflammation and symptoms with the use of appropriate medications helping optimize their quality of life.

Immunotherapy is a popular option for treatment and over time, can eliminate the allergic condition in patients and the need for ongoing use of antihistamines.

IgE blood testing can be easily added to your diagnostic tools with the use of MD Allergy Pro. Any patient with nasal or allergy-like symptoms, food intolerances, asthmas, or eczema is a suitable candidate for testing. Offering MDAllergyPro testing helps keep your patients in-house, provides a well needed service, and enables the opportunity to add quality life to your patients.

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